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Certificate Course In Acupressure And Massage

Certificate - Course In Acupressure And Massage

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Like other massage practices, acupressure sessions begin with a patient interview during which the practitioner gathers information on the patient’s health and symptoms. The practitioner then uses that information to choose different points on the client’s body to press. Clients remain fully clothed during sessions and should not experience any pain from the finger pressure.

Acupressure sessions last between 30 and 60 minutes, with some clients feeling better after a single session and others needing to return for a series of appointments. Patients may also choose to study acupressure online to learn self-care remedies for some of the more common conditions that acupressure can treat, including headaches, stress and back pain.


> Anatomy and physiology
> Acupressure points and meridians
> Theories of Chinese medicine
> Acupressure techniques and protocols
> Health, hygiene and contraindications
> Neuromuscular techniques
> Clinical practice