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Bachelor In Optometry

Bachelor-In Optometry

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It is an undergraduate Optometry programme. Optometry is a study of human eyes and matters related to its nature and eyesight problems. The program aims at imparting skills and knowledge in the correction of refractive conditions of the eye and prescription of glasses, in designing and fitting contact lenses, aniseikonic lenses and low vision aids, in the diagnosis and orthoptic treatment of oculomotor malfunctions, in public health optometry–education on ocular hygiene and related nutritional and environmental counselling and in the visual rehabilitation and follow-up of low vision patients. The duration of the course is three years and it is career orienting in nature that opens many options after its successful completion.


> General Anatomy And Ocular Anatomy
> General BioChemistry And Ocular Biochemistry
> General Physiology And Ocular Physiology
> Geometric Optics
> Physical Optics
> General And Ocular Pharmacology
> Microbiology And Pathology
> Optometric Instruments And Clinical Examination of Visual Systems
> Optometric Optics
> Visual Optics
> Optometric Practice
> Geriatric Optometry
> Contact Lenses
> Dispencing Optics
> Practicals